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Talulah Blue

Burlesque Course with Talulah Blue

Burlesque Course with Talulah Blue

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Join Talulah Blue and friends to learn about all things cabaret.

Let me welcome you into my home and studio! For this online burlesque course.
Find out more about my practices, personal ideas and journey through burlesque.
Take part in 1920's Charleston and classic burlesque dance routine, learn tips, tricks & backstage secrets.

Part 1: Burlesque, Beauty and Backstage Gossip! with Talulah Blue
★ Personal chat while doing make up
★ My experience doing Britains Got Talent
★ Get to know me
★ 30 mins

Part 2: Burlesque chat with Talulah & Lucy Littlemore
★ Cabaret & the arts
★ Performers that WOW us
★ Queerness, identity & sexuality
★ The FACE game - making face on stage
★ 43 mins

Part 3: Charleston with Talulah Blue & Lucy Littlemore
★ Accessible for any level of dancer
★ Broken down step by step
★ 21 mins

Part 4: Interview with Louisa Darling
★ What is Kundalini
★ Our experiences with Yoga and Meditation
★ 8 mins

Part 5: Kundalini with Louisa Darling
★ Energy exercises
★ Kundalini moving meditation class
★ 27 mins

Part 6: Burlesque routine with Talulah Blue
★ Focus on corset removal & burlesque technique
★ Broken down into bite size sections
★ 30 mins

Part 7: Photoshoots & modelling with Grace Elkin
★ How to find a photographer
★ How collaborations work
★ Staying safe in industry
★ Silly shenanigans!
★ 26 mins

Part 8: Do's & Don'ts for Castings
★ What producers need from you
★ Personal preferences on how to apply for shows
★ Tips to take it further in the industry, faster
★ 18 mins

Part 9: Do's & Don'ts for Emails
★ What producers need from you
★ How to get them on side
★ Making things fast and easy for everyone
★ 5 mins

BONUS: Costume & corset chat with Talulah Blue
★ Close ups & talking through my costumes
★ Corset preferences & lacing up
★ Costuming tips & how to make life easier
★ 21 mins

You will be emailed files to download, with links to the videos.
Click on the links to be taken to the videos, or copy and paste the link/URL into your browser.

I am not a qualified dance instructor. You take part in routines at your own risk.
Make sure your body is fully warm & if anything hurts, stop.

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