We started off as a small brand, in which everything was hand made by Talulah Blue, and have evolved into a bohemian costume and clothing brand with a strong influence from the 1920's.
We hand make some of the range among our team, and hunt down unique items to complete the outrageous collection of extravagant looks.

We absolutely love seeing the costumes our customers put together, so raid the dressing up box and tag us on Insta, Facebook and Tiktok!


Talulah Blue herself has morphed throughout the years.
Starting life as a designer and events organiser, she soon started performing around the world as a burlesque performer.
Gaining some circus skills along the way, and developing a deep love for the 1920's and Victorian circus costumes.
She upgraded from an ebay seller, to having a shop on Etsy, to having her own independent clothing website.
Some of you may have followed her along this transition.


Keep working with the in house team to creating new beautiful garments.
To source and stock all manner of wonderful clothing to bring colour, texture and excitement to peoples lives.
To keep entertaining people.


'I have to LOVE the items. To put them on and say 'yes!' I would wear that on stage, I would model that dress, I would go to a festival in that leotard, I would use these items at an event.
If I feel special while wearing the costume, my customers will feel special too.
I love seeing people wearing the brand, feeling good, feeling special, standing out and enjoying themselves.
When self indulgence and opulent costumes put you in a great mood, that's an energy you are bringing to the people you are around, and that's a wonderful thing.'