Snow Day!!!!

Some of our snow pics!
We were really lucky to get these, after (myself) being lazy and missing the main snowfall, I then decided I didn't want to miss out on the action.
black gold circus leotard costume ringmistress 5 SOCIAL
black gold circus leotard costume ringmistress 7 SOCIAL
We went off last minute to a location close to home that had a decent probability of still having some untouched snow, on the day it was due to rain and wash most of it away.
Praying that snowman wankers hadn't adulterated all of the snow. Turns out it was mostly big dogs bombing around! haha.
Nude bodycon gem showgirl dress 2 SOCIAL
Roughly a 50 min turnaround. Over an hour becomes unbearable wearing just a leotard in the snow.
Sat at home with a cup of tea an hour later, it started to rain!
Peeeerfect timing 🙂

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