I'm normally a bit of a f****r for not putting seasonal shoots together.
However Halloween 2020 was an absolute winner due to a collaborative shoot between myself Twilight Siren and Grace Elkin.

Not to mention a great laugh doing a photoshoot with the girls!

With Corsets from Twilight Siren, photography from Grace Elkin and gowns and accessories for Talulah Blue Creations, this was so much fun, and I really loved the results.

I still remeber Grace's face as she was about to start shooting, and I ran over and grabbed the gold sequin cape on a coat hanger.
She looked at me puzzled .... 'I'm the shop assistant in the haunted Halloween shop, here to help the customers!'
Ohhhhh ... said Grace.
I love this image, it reminds me of a shopping trip in LA, where the asssistants were there, ready and poised, to enhance your shopping experice.

The stocking are made from our stripe tights, with elastic around the top to hold them up.

Halloween costume corsey strip tights bead gold cape

black velvet dress robe halloween costume

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